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Dental Services

Dogs and cats get periodontal disease much the same as we do!  Since they can’t brush and floss their teeth after every meal, most animals will build up plaque and tartar on their teeth early in life.  We provide thorough dental cleaning services, which include cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaner and hand scaling instruments.  This allows us to fully evaluate the degree of disease and act accordingly.  Many times, though the teeth may appear to be clean, there can be infection, exposed roots, resorbtive lesions, cracked teeth or deep pockets in the gingival margins.  We employ dental radiography to access the roots of the teeth to help evaluate the health of a tooth and determine whether extraction is necessary.  Once the teeth are thoroughly scaled, they are flushed with a disinfectant, polished and give a fluoride treatment.  Dental prophylaxis is performed under general anesthesia and the same equipment and protocols are used as with any surgical procedure to monitor your pet throughout the entire procedure.

Your pet’s dental health is an integral part of their overall general health.  We encourage our clients to participate in our dental program to avoid advanced dental disease.  Many times a client will notice their pet having a decreased appetite or an odorous mouth.  These can be signs of dental disease, so part of your yearly wellness visit includes a thorough look at their teeth and gums!