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We offer in-house diagnostic laboratory profiling including serologic testing, fungal cultures urinalysis, cytology, and chemistry profiles.  Certain health conditions can be monitored via in-house results as opposed to sending samples to a laboratory, such as evaluating urine samples for the presence of crystals and evaluating the response to treatment of ear infections.


We employ visiting specialists who can provide assistance with more complicated diagnostic or surgical cases. Through the utilization of mobile ultrasound services (New Jersey Cardiology) and radiology consultations (Metropolitan Veterinary Radiology, Ltd.), Pleasant Valley Veterinary Services can expand your pets health care without the need for referral to a specialty practice in some cases.

We out-source diagnostic profiling utilizing a local commercial veterinary laboratory as well as veterinary teaching hospitals for more advanced specialized testing. Though the local commercial laboratory, Antech, provides most of our laboratory needs, on occasion more specialized testing is required to diagnose your pet. Dr. Mary routinely employs other laboratories, such as Cornell University Diagnostic Laboratory, Michigan State University, Texas A & M GI Laboratory and North Carolina State, to identify your pets’ health issues.