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Ovulation Timing

Ovulation timing is the cornerstone of good breeding management.  We utilize several different modalities to properly time breedings, especially when using fresh chilled or frozen semen.   Our success together depends on accurate ovulation timing of the bitch and good quality semen to inseminate.

We like to see a bitch in the first 3-4 days she is in season.  This allows us to do a thorough pre breeding examination, discuss prior breeding history if applicable, talk about what type of semen you are planning on using, history of the stud dog, and obtain vaginal cytology, baseline progesterone and brucella testing.  Though not required, we highly advise making sure both the bitch and the intended male have a negative brucella status within the past 6 months.  

We use a combination of progesterone testing, LH testing, cytology, vaginoscopy  and for higher risk bitches, we may want to culture her prior to breeding.  These are all things that can be discussed at your pre breeding examination.   We consider ourselves as part of a team when it comes to assisted reproduction.  You are our client and we want you to have success with your breeding plan, so we welcome the opportunity to speak with the veterinarian responsible for collecting the male dog if we will be using chilled or frozen semen.  

If you like, you can e mail or fax us past breeding records so we have time to go over them prior to your appointment.  

Call us when your bitch comes into season and ask to speak with our Repro tech Debbie who will take care of the details of your visit with us.  As we say….”Your success is our success”!

Ovulation Timing in the Bitch