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OSS (Ovary Sparing Spay)

What is OSS surgery?  This surgical procedure involves removing the uterus, but leaving one Ovary to continue to provide beneficial hormones to a female dog.  This will render the dog unable to reproduce, and eliminate potential life threatening uterine disease like pyometra.   Some people refer to this procedure as a “partial spay” because the traditional spay involves removal of the entire uterus as well as both ovaries.  We welcome discussion on whether OSS is a reasonable option for your female dog and go over the pros and cons of OSS vs leaving a female in tact completely, or opting for a traditional spay surgery.

In recent years, there have been several studies done to show substantial long term health benefits to keeping hormone function in the female dog.  Some of the health benefits include, a decrease in Cancers such as Osteocarcoma, Hemangiocarcoma and Lymphoma, decreased urinary incontinence, decreased injury to the ligaments and longevity.  An interesting study was done in the Rottweiler breed, showing longevity increased when females were not spayed early.  (Waters DJ et al 2009) OSS surgery provides a viable option for some dogs and their owners to manage potential unwanted pregnancy, yet retain certain health benefits.  To read more about OSS, go to and feel free to discuss this with us at your next visit.