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Ceasarian Sections

We are equipped to handle ceasarian sections both elective and on a limited emergency basis.  Some breeds tend to require c sections to successfully deliver their puppies.  This is one of the reasons that good ovulation timing on your bitch is so important.  Ovulation timing not only tells us when to inseminate, but it is statistically the best way to calculate the day on which the bitch is due to whelp. 

If you come to us for a pregnancy ultrasound and have not done any ovulation timing on your bitch when she was bred, it can be challenging to predict when your puppies are actually due.  We can perform gestational aging to measure the fetus and get a better idea of when she is going to be ready to whelp.  We may also request you come in for progesterone testing before performing a c section so we can identify when she will experience a drop in progesterone, thus making whelping imminent.

Some breeders will schedule an elective c section ahead of time which assures you that puppies will arrive during the daytime hours with a full staff present to assist her.  We can utilize many different anesthetic protocols that best fit the needs of your specific breed.  We also recommend the use of WhelpWise monitoring to help identify the onset of labor (see the Whelp Wise tab) and avoid last minute emergencies.  We try to accommodate c sections on emergency , but  many after hours c sections are referred to an emergency clinic. 

We do not subscribe to the belief that bitches undergoing a c section should be spayed.  We like to allow the bitch to keep her uterus for safety of the bitch, but if medical reasons should necessitate that an ovariohysterectomy be performed, we can provide this service.

Reasons Not to Spay Your Bitch at the Time of Her C- Section