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Trupanion Pet Insurance

For years people have asked us if we recommend pet insurance for their dog or cat.  We refrained from making any specific recommendation till we came across Trupanion!  Why pet insurance? For the unexpected injury, accident or acute health condition where cost could make the difference between being able to afford life saving treatments or not.  Why Trupanion? There are many different pet insurance companies, but Trupanion offers some unique benefits that put them on the top of our list for pet care in our opinion. 

  • No payout limits.  There will not be a cap to the amount of money paid to you if your dog develops a chronic condition.
  • 90% coverage.  This is a huge benefit if your pet requires advanced veterinary diagnostics, care, surgery etc.
  • Trupanion will not refuse to give you a policy for an elderly pet up to the age of 14!  Most insurance companies will not offer policies to pets over the age of 8, so this company will insure even your older pet on a new policy.

Check out Trupanion and see if one of their policies fits your needs.