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Surgical Services

Dr. Mary and her staff take pride in assuring each patient receives the finest of care during any surgical procedure.  We perform a wide variety of surgical procedures here at Pleasant Valley Veterinary Services, but no matter how “routine” the procedure may be, we utilize state of the art monitoring equipment as well as individually tailored anesthetic protocols.  We understand that certain breeds of dogs might have sensitivities to certain anesthetic agents, so we use protocols that best suit the individual patient.  Your pet is monitored throughout their entire procedure, utilizing ECG, blood pressure, temperature, pulse oximetry and end-tidal CO2 equipment.  Our experienced technicians assure your pet’s safety throughout their entire surgery and document their vital signs until they are awake and have achieved a normal body temperature.  Small dogs and cats are recovered in incubators to minimize hypothermia post-op, and large dogs are recovered on blankets and heated water mats.

Removing Ingested Rope Toy

We advise pre-operative blood work prior to any surgical procedure and utilize in-house blood testing as well as more in-depth testing through our lab.  We will discuss this with you at the time of your appointment to decide what best suits your pet’s needs.

Pain management protocols are used for most surgical procedures and in most cases you will be sent home with pain medication for a few days following your pet’s procedure.  Pain management assures a higher comfort level for your pet as well as facilitating faster healing.

Dr. Mary will refer patients to a specialist in cases where their services are indicated.  We work closely with several board certified surgeons to make sure our team works together in the best interest of your pet.

Is surgery necessary?  There are many considerations when answering this question.  We routinely work in conjunction with excellent physiotherapists and will refer patients to them when merited.

Advanced Canine Rehabilitation Center –  offers many types of services for injuries that might not require surgical correction, or post operative cases that would benefit from ongoing physical therapy to assure a smooth recovery and the return your pet to full function.  We can discuss options with you at the time of your visit.