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WhelpWise.  Karen Kopley, owner and founder of Veterinary Perinatal Specialties, Inc., adapted human perinatal monitoring technology to the canine patient.  WhelpWise was developed to help take the guess work out of monitoring bitches during their pregnancy.  WhelpWise provides breeders with accurate information on the presence or absence of labor and assessments of fetal well-being as detected by the monitoring equipment.  Uterine contraction and fetal heart rate monitoring equipment provided through the WhelpWise service will allow the breeder to know when labor has begun and directly monitor the heart rates of the puppies.  The service is always offered in conjunction with licensed veterinarians.  This equipment, designed for use in the home setting, contains a built-in modem that links the breeder via phone, with specially trained obstetrical staff and protocols for whelping management.

Advantages of the WhelpWise Services:

  • Monitoring uterine contractions and fetal heart rates allows the
  • Breeder to identify the onset of labor, thus accurately estimating the time whelping begins.
  • Identifying problems in a timely manner should they occur.
  • Common problems such as inertia can be identified and treated in the home setting with low dose medication protocols to support but not over stimulate the uterus.  All medication doses are determined by the uterine contraction pattern.  Conversely, instances such as a stuck puppy where strong contractions exist and medication should not be given, can be identified, helping to prevent issues such as uterine rupture.
  • Monitoring contraction patters can identify signs of pre-mature labor and allow the veterinarian time to initiate drug protocols to stop labor and keep the bitch stable until the puppies have fully matured.

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