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My experience with Pleasant Valley has been terrific.  I have worked with the staff for three of my breedings, two of which resulted in C-sections. About 6 months after Sassy’s first C-section,  I had her at a Physical Therapy appointment.  The PT noted she couldn’t tell the dog ever had a C-section.  Many dogs she sees have obvious scar tissue and problems around the incision sight.  Not Sassy . The staff at Pleasant Valley provides the highest level of service and have always been willing to take the time to answer my millions of questions.  I have recommended their services over and over to many folks.  I drive more than an hour to make sure my dogs get the best care possible.  Honestly, I don’t have enough words for the praise I have for Dr. Mary, Debbie and the entire staff.

Mardi Closson

I have been a client of Dr. Mary’s, Pleasant Valley Veterinary Services for over a decade. She has given the best care to my Goldens Keeper, Lucy, Kizmet, Oriana, Brooke, Rex and Flasher.  I had a couple of not so great experiences with my previous vet and decide to give her a try, despite her being located in excess of 60 miles  and an 1 ¼  hour drive one way from where I live in Bergen County. I have never looked back with any second thoughts since that first time. Many friends think I am nuts but when you get the best and most personal care that you could ever hope for your loved pets, let  them think what they like. It is well worth the travel to deal with a staff that listens to what you have to say, care for your pet as if it was their own and whose charges are more than fair. I cannot say enough about these folks. If you are local to them and not using them I have no idea why.

Hank Hahn

My story will be an unusual tale. It was in early December of 2013 after an extremely successful three days of an agility trial with my border collie Chaos. I had been speaking with Deb (a technician) at the trial about collecting him for a future breeding. I called the very next day and was given an appointment almost immediately with Straws for Paws. This appointment turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It revealed that Chaos had leukemia and or lymphoma. With the knowledge and understandings of cancer, Dr. Mary went above and beyond her means for us. She contacted and coordinated all medical protocols with an oncologist throughout the entire treatment process, which was a weekly demand on her part. This included going over blood work, xrays, ultrasounds, meds and any other questions we had. Dr Mary allowed me to sit with Chaos throughout all his treatments. One of the special treatments we received from Dr. Mary and the staff was always being allowed to stay with Chaos whether it be a recheck on blood work or a chemo treatment that took as much as three hours or even longer. Unfortunately about seven months into the treatments we decided to neuter him and remove his spleen which showed a few shadows. This was another blessing as it turned out to be hermangiosarcoma. We continued all the treatments tweeking the initial protocol when needed for him. I cannot say enough kind words or thank the entire staff at Pleasant Valley. Always getting us an appointment no matter what time of the day should it be needed. Taking the best care and concern on Chaos’ part. Being there for me with a hug for comfort when we had hard times. Unfortunately my story came to an end after 18 months of treatment. The night it happened a lot of the staff was still there working. It was a hard decision for me and took all the staff way past closing hours, but they stayed. They were there for us and showed their love and support, because they honestly cared and loved Chaos as much as I did and still do.

Cynthia Rohn

Dr Mary has been taking excellent care of my 4 dogs and 2 cats for the past 8 years. I know her both as a fellow dog competitor and my veterinarian.  I love PVVC enough to drive 55 miles each way to have Dr Mary and her very competent caring staff treat my “fur kids”. Dr Mary is up on the current treatments and procedures and always  thoroughly explains our options. Everyone there is friendly, knowledgeable and truly, truly caring.  I also Coordinate PW Corgi rescue and Dr Mary, Debbie Leach and the staff have generously worked with me for the past 6 year to evaluate and treat them. Even when the rescues are NOT so cooperative!

I have good vets closer but love knowing my animals are at the best place possible. I cannot recommend PVVS enough.

My next step there is to have my FCR collected with their Straws to Paws Fertility  program. I always meet other dog fanciers from the performance community in the waiting room.   Further solidifying their confidence in Pleasant Valley Veterinary Services.
Thanks Dr Mary,Debbie and all the staff!!!
Carol Wyatt
PWCCGS Rescue Coordinator
[email protected]

I have used Pleasant Valley Veterinary Services for OFA hip and elbow x-rays for several of my dogs' prelims and finals.  Dr. Mary and Debbie do a wonderful job of properly positioning the dogs in accordance with OFA procedures.  They even got perfect positioning on my very well-muscled dog, which is not always easy to do.  Every time they took OFA x-rays of my dogs, the pelvis was perfectly straight, legs parallel, and elbows in the extreme flexed position, as required by OFA.  The x-ray quality has always been super because they use digital technology, which also allows them to send the x-rays electronically to OFA, saving time over mailing traditional x-ray films.  I will always use Pleasant Valley Veterinary Services for OFA x-rays for my dogs.
Fran Pidgeon
Sparta, NJ

Dr. Mary Stankovics,  Debbie Leach and the staff at Pleasant Valley Veterinarian clinic  are the most accommodating, knowledgeable, and caring professionals I could have ever met in a busy veterinarian office.  They always have time for a question and have ‘squeezed me in’ when all appointments have already been booked, even on holiday weekends.  The receptionists and all of the vet techs are always friendly and courteous.

When I wanted to breed my female Remy to my male Fyte and told them about her ‘work injury’, they immediately came up with a breeding recommendation that would keep her safe.  And then when she was having problems during labor, they were available via the phone throughout the whole process and checked in even on the weekends.

I’m happy to say the 12 puppies are happy and healthy and Remy is getting back into shape for competition.

Beth Bradley

Pleasant Valley Vet Services

For this veterinarian practice, the name sums it up! The staff and technicians are pleasant and attentive, from the first phone call to make an appointment to the post visit care instructions. They’re professional and caring, which means they know you, your pets, and your pet’s issues. The doctors, lead by the incredible Dr. Mary Stankovics, really listen to your concerns and follow-up on every item. As a national and international dog agility competitor, I could not compete at a high level and with continued success without PVVS. Dr. Mary is the go-to doctor for all my health issues from immunization to flea/tick control to joint/muscle care to travel paperwork for international flights! Since many of the staff also have competition dogs, they really understand the issues involved with having animal athletes. She and her small staff are always there to get my dog’s issues resolved as quickly as possible so we can go back to playing agility!

Diane Goodspeed, Agility and Beyond LLC. Hackettstown, NJ

I met Dr. Mary Stankovics and Debbie Leach approximately four years ago. I was referred to them by a Golden Retriever breeder who regularly uses the Straws to Paws part of the practice. I was in needed of a reproductive veterinary practice and someone with a well known, competent technique for collecting a stud dog. I was also in need of semen collection for storage and future collections to be shipped to other parts of the country for insemination. My Portuguese Water Dog, Decker had not be treated well for semen collection prior and we had to build back confidence to say the least. My breeder and I were very concerned as we went through time and money to nationally rank Decker in his breed so finding someone experienced and competent was of the utmost importance. I found Dr. Mary and Debbie extremely caring and willing to attempt to work with Decker and put him on track as a successful sire. They did just that... Back on track we went and Decker has now sired 7 litters directly from the "Straws to Paws" part of the practice, three of those litters were done by inseminations by Dr. Mary right at Pleasant Valley Vet. Those owners traveled to the practice with their girls and were very satisfied.  I used Dr. Mary and Debbie regularly for semen collection on Decker and storage also most of our reproductive needs are done by Dr. Mary which includes a yearly or more reproductive check up, ultra sounds and overall professional and informative advice. My dog, Decker is not only a stud dog but also performance competing in obedience, rally and agility. I find Dr. Mary and Debbie very knowledgable on
difference aspects of the performance dog and supplement needs as they also compete! This is very valuable to have you veterinarian involved in many of the dog sport which you participate.

Everyone in the practice is hard working and professional. You are always acknowledged and you pet is treated in a caring manner. My breeder who bred, Decker now uses Dr. Mary often for breeding needs and I can say this year alone and it is early in 2016, I have refers 3 clients to the practice. Every one I recommend has to travel and that includes myself and we all feel it is worth the trip.

I highly recommend this practice for all your veterinary needs including reproductive. It has been a pleasure and honor to know these two hard working women as well as the rest of the staff.

Regards to all,

Susan Soviero
Gold GCH NorthStar's Hit The Deck Running
CH NorthStar's Set Fire To The Rain

"We visit Pleasant Valley Veterinary Services a lot with our rescued cats.
Everyone is friendly, professional and are very compassionate people who love animals.

Dr. Mary’s knowledge and experience has helped our cats live healthier and longer lives. She is kind, considerate and understanding of us “crazy cat people.”

Her office personnel are courteous and efficient and very accommodating when a cat suddenly becomes sick or injured and must be seen ASAP.

Dr. Mary’s veterinary technicians are highly skilled. Our cats are handled gently and with kindness and patience – including the cats with cat-titude!

We have had only positive experiences during all of our years as a PVVS client."

Communities Altering The Strays (CATS)
and our Motley Crew of Cats
Belvidere, NJ

At a time when I was almost ready to call it quits, a fellow dog breeder/exhibitor recommended Pleasant Valley to me and I am forever grateful for that recommendation.  In my experience, it is not easy to find a veterinary practice that can meet the needs of a dog breeder. Pleasant Valley has more than met my needs and expectations as a dog breeder. The care they provide is stellar; the staff is knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and goes above and beyond what I expect every time. For instance, I have received Saturday early morning calls with Progesterone test results which allowed me to get to the airport on time. I also regularly receive return phone calls from the doctors themselves with instructions, information and lessons on how to care for my fur babies once I leave their office, ensuring the best possible outcomes in every situation.
I love everything about Pleasant Valley and highly recommend them.  Sometimes I have to remind myself to go to the front desk and pay my bill before I leave because the experience is always so pleasant and never feels like a business transaction!
Kathy Joback
Ivorilace Poms

Dr. Mary and her team of professionals at Pleasant Valley have been caring for my pets since we moved to this area in 2008.  We started with three cats and one dog and now we're up to 7 cats and 2 dogs.  We spend a lot of time at Pleasant Valley.  Most of our visits are routine, but on occasion there have been some difficult ones, too, and I always know that whatever the situation, we are being looked after with the same high standard of care and concern.  You get the kind of service you wish you could receive everywhere, but don't.  It gives you a feeling of comfort because you know you are in good and capable hands every time. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Pat Tevrow

A friend recommended Pleasant Valley Vet (Dr. Mary) to me over 10 yrs ago so I figured I would give them a shot. Now 10-12 yrs later I would never ever think of going elsewhere. I know my three dogs Riley,Petie and Lola get the best care there and they never shy away from walking thru the front door.

Dr Mary is very knowledgeable and is up to date with the newest vet findings . You will always find that she listens to you and really hears what you are saying. She gives you her suggestions and her best advice and is always very fair with her prices. She is great with my dogs who mean the world to my husband and I .

My husband and I love her staff. No matter how busy they are always there to answer any questions and are extremely informative. They have a way of making you feel that your dog is the only one and the most important. When I walk in the door it seems like they are all up  to date with what's going on with my dogs before even pulling their records.

I have had dogs all my life and feel very blessed to have come across Dr Mary and everyone else at Pleasant Valley. I hope they stay around do my three dogs.

Carolyn Wezenter

I have been using Dr. Mary and the wonderful staff at Pleasant Valley Animal Hospital for many years now.  A testament to how much I appreciate their service and knowledge is that I drive 45 minutes to see them bypassing many of my local veterinarians

Mary Lou Hanlon

I have entrusted the care of my dogs to Dr. Mary and the entire staff at Pleasant Valley Veterinary since 2006. The top notch level of compassion and concern for the health of my animals is apparent whether I am talking to a receptionist, a vet tech, a veterinarian or anyone else in between. I appreciate the willingness of everyone to answer my numerous questions and to discuss all of the various options available to me and my pets. I am confident that through my partnership with this practice my dogs are leading the healthiest lives that they possibly can, and I'm very happy with the relationships I have been able to build with every single staff member. 

Debra Roseman

Pleasant Valley Vet Services provides a highly trained staff that treats us with respect and professionalism while providing the very best veterinary care available. We have four dogs and a cat that we love. They understand that our pets are part of our family and I am always very confident that the clients that I refer to Pleasant Valley Vet Services receive the same outstanding service that I receive.

In addition to our immediate family of pets, we are also Dog Trainers of many breeds and specialize as Breeders of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. Dr. Mary and Deb Leach have been available 7/24 as they understand what dog breeding is all about as nature dictates the route our breedings are taking. Timing is critical in our business! C- sections can be pre-planned; artificial inseminations with fresh and frozen sperm are not an issue, storage of frozen semen is part of their business as well has hip and elbow testing, titers, ovary sparing spaying and so much more. The Pleasant Valley staff are familiar with the newest reproduction research results and are also on top of what is best for our animals in regards to day to day care, supplements and disease prevention.

We recommend them with confidence and pride!

Heike Frattalone
Chessieville Bay K9 Training
Chessieville Bay Chesapeakes

I have been going to Pleasant Valley Veterinarian for over 10 years. Dr. Mary and her staff treat my dogs like they are one of their own. Pleasant Valley always has the best interest of the animal at heart. I own multiple performance dogs that compete in agility and the nice thing about the staff is that many of them also do performance sports with their own dogs, so they know the special needs of my dogs. I always know that my dogs are in the best of hands with Dr. Mary and her staff. You will get nothing but dedication and support at Pleasant Valley.

Rose Savkov

We would like to thank Dr. Mary, Debbie Leach and the entire staff at Pleasant Valley Veterinary Services for all of the kindness and compassion they give to our beloved animals. The personal care we receive is to be considered above and beyond.

We have been bringing our pets to Pleasant Valley Vet Services for many years. Dr. Mary has been our primary veterinarian, she is a dedicated professional who is extremely compassionate and skilled. She and the Pleasant Valley staff have always been exemplary in their treatment of our pets, and are very considerate of their comfort and needs as they get older. Whether the visit is for something routine or a more serious health issue we can always depend on their expertise to guide us through all of the necessary diagnostic tests that are needed to identify specific health problems and then take immediate action. The entire medical team is and an absolute pleasure to deal with and we are so very grateful to have them in our lives.

With sincere gratitude and appreciation,
Neno Pessoa & Michael Davis
iQ Agility Club