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Surgical Insemination

Surgical inseminations require accurate ovulation timing. This is critical for the success of the procedure. You may anticipate a 85% to 90% conception rate providing that the semen is of adequate quality and that the bitch does not have significant uterine pathology. Surgical insemination can be performed utilizing fresh, chilled or frozen semen, but is most commonly used with frozen semen. This procedure does require general anesthesia as the uterus is exteriorized through a small abdominal incision and the semen is injected directly in to each horn of the uterus.  One benefit of a surgical insemination is to be able to appreciate any abnormalities such as cysts in the uterine horns.  This type of visualization is not possible with a Transcervical Insemination or vaginal AI, so we can discuss which method is best for your bitch at the time of your pre breeding exam.