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Semen Evaluation

Whenever we collect a male dog for a semen evaluation, we give you a full report on the sample we collect using our state of the art CASA (Computer Assisted Semen Analysis) system.   You are present for the collection and will be able to visually appreciate the raw semen sample on a video screen.   Just because sperm is “moving” does not mean it is normal.  We will evaluate the motility, concentration, velocity, count, and morphology.  The morphology is a key element in a comprehensive semen evaluation, as it gives us the ability to evaluate individual sperm cells to asses the acrosomal cap, head, midpiece and tail.  We then categorize any abnormalities into primary (those which may affect conception) and secondary (those which have little affect on conception).  A normal fertile male stud dog should have 70% or better morphologically normal sperm cells.  Once we have fully evaluated your dog’s semen, a printed report will be issued.  This is done whenever we collect a male dog for any purpose, whether it be for Artificial Insemination, Fresh Chilled semen shipments, or collection for semen freezing.