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Looking for dog training facilities in the area?

Listed below are a number of trainers/schools we recommend.  Dr. Mary has personally trained at Top Dog.

The following links are to emergency clinics that we recommend:

Looking for a Referral Practice (Sometimes patients present to us with very severe and complex disease issues.  In these cases we may have to refer our patient for more specialized care.  Visit these sites to see the referral practices we recommend to our patients:

Do you have a diabetic pet or has your pet recently been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus?

Visit the following sites for every thing you ever wanted to know about diabetes and then some!

Looking for information on poisons and other potentially toxic substances? 

The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center is a valuable resource in cases where exposure to poisons, plants, medication is known or suspected.  At Pleasant Valley Veterinary Services, we utilize the services of the highly trained veterinarians at the Animal Poison Control Center on a regular basis and they have proved to be a life-saving service:  They can also be reached by phone at:  888-426-4435.  (This is a fee-based service.)

Pet Poison HelplineTM is a division of SafetyCall International.  SafetyCall International is a human and animal poison control center whose staff has greater than 25 years experience in assisting pet owners and veterinarians with the treatment of pet poisonings.  Visit their site at: .  They can also be reached by phone at:  800-213-6680.  (This is a fee-based service.)

Looking for more information on reproductive services?

Visit the web site for Straws to Paws, LLC. Straws to Paws is a Synbiotics (Zoetis) certified canine semen freezing and storage center. Though the cooperative efforts of Straws to Paws and Pleasant Valley veterinary Services we can provide a broad spectrum of reproductive services: 

For our breeder clients that are traveling and might require the services of a theriogenologist please visit the web site for the Society of Theriogenology to find a reproduction specialist: (under the “for the public” tab, Reproductive Veterinarians)

Looking for breed specific information on dogs/cats?

Visit the American Kennel Club web site for a whole host of information dealing with dogs, including information on sporting events (agility, obedience, field, and tracking), local dog clubs and conformation shows:

Visit the Cat Fancier’s Associate website for a whole host of information dealing with cats, including information on cat shows, cat breeds and cat care:

Looking for information of genetic diseases?

The following links provide some excellent resources for researching specific breed related genetic diseases:

Looking for more information on Tick Borne Diseases?  Each year, thousands of dogs contract Lyme disease, anaplasmosis and other vector-borne diseases.  With their furry coats, proximity to the ground and love of exploration, dogs are 50 to 100 times more likely than humans to come into contact with disease-carrying ticks.  Learn more about how you can keep your pet safe from these pesky pests:

Looking for more information on canine cancer?

Morris Animal Foundation has launched an unprecedented $30 million effort to cure canine cancer within a dog’s lifetime – the next 10 to 20 years.  World-renowned veterinary scientists and cancer specialists agree that this MAF-led effort will not only save countless dogs from suffering and premature death, but should also help produce breakthroughs in the prevention, treatment and cures of human cancers – in particular childhood cancers.  Learn more about how this organization is helping all types of animals at the MAF’s website:

The Morris Animal foundation is currently conducting a study of 3000 Golden Retrievers in an effort to determine the incidence of the four most common and fatal cancers in Golden Retrievers.  For more information about this study, visit

Looking for a physical therapist for your dog or cat?

Just like us, many older pets and patients having orthopedic procedures benefit greatly from the services of a physical therapist.  We routinely recommend physical therapy for those patients having orthopedic surgery, soft tissue injuries, and older patients with arthritis as well as for conditioning of performance animals.  Pleasant Valley Veterinary Services has direct experience with both Advanced Canine Rehabilitation Center in Warren, New Jersey and Aqua Dog Rehabilitation in Flanders, New Jersey.  Dr. Mary’s pets as well as other staff member’s pets have experienced the benefits of physical therapy.  Visit these sites for more information: ,

Looking for nutrition information for your pets?

Check out the American College of Veterinary Nutrition for links to nutritionists that will be able to help you formulate a diet specific to fit your pet’s needs and much more:

Thinking about treating your lawn or home with pesticides but you are concerned about adverse effects on your pets?

Contact the National Pesticide Information Center (Oregon State University).

More information for cat owners: 

The Indoor Cat Initiative was created to enrich the lives of indoor cats.  Members of the Indoor Cat Initiative believe that indoor enrichment is as important as an excellent diet and health care.  Visit this site to see what you might do to enrich the life of your indoor cat:

The Morris Animal Foundation (MAF) launched the Happy Healthy Cat Campaign to help eliminate suffering and premature death in cats.  This is an unprecedented worldwide effort to promote feline health research and training of scientists.  The initiative holds the most promise of any research campaign ever undertaken to help the cats we love.  For more information, click on the attached link:

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