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Fresh Chilled Semen

Fresh Chilled Semen Collection and Shipment

We offer fresh chilled semen collection and shipment to anywhere in the USA or Canada.  The process involves collecting your male dog (we always try to arrange a teaser bitch in standing heat for this) and performing a full semen evaluation on the sample.  We utilize our CASA system (Computer Assisted Semen Analysis) to perform a comprehensive evaluation with motility, count and morphology.   We will contact the receiving veterinarian and provide them with a tracking number as well as discuss the details about the collection in case the Veterinarian decides the sample is not good enough to ship based on the semen report.  We prepare your sample by centrifuging the raw sample and removing excess prostatic fluid prior to adding an extender product to keep the sample viable during the chilling and shipping process.  We typically use Fresh Express by Zoetis as our extender of choice, but we also stock other extender products as well.  Fresh chilled semen is intended to be received and inseminated within 24-48 hours post collection for best results.  Call us as soon as possible to discuss the details of your breeding so we be sure to make contact with the bitch owner and stud dog owner to exchange information.  The receiving veterinarian will receive a copy of the CASA semen report in each shipment.